Mom Thinks Daughter's Doll Sings About "F—king Pie"

This local news report about a lady in Florida who thinks her daughter's Hannah Montana doll says "a curse word" gets roll-on-the-floor funny when they actually turn the doll on and play it. She should sell that thing on eBay!

These "cursing toy" local news stories tend to come out around the holidays, with such suspicious frequency that one has to wonder if local news producers aren't finding these outraged parents on Craig's List. The most famous (and still funniest) toy audio malfunction has to be the Elmo potty training book that asked toddlers "Who wants to die?":


Hannah Montana Doll a Potty Mouth! [YouTube]
Called Who Wants to Die? [YouTube]

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My 4 year old niece asked my brother what 'f**k means, and when he was at a loss for words, she skipped away singing F**k You by Lily Allen.

Sooo. What is Lily Allen really singing?