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Mom: Teacher Shaved Daughter's Armpits So She Wouldn't Get Picked On

Illustration for article titled Mom: Teacher Shaved Daughters Armpits So She Wouldnt Get Picked On

A mother in Australia is furious after a teacher shaved her daughter's armpits in front of classmates.


Melissa Woods of Victoria said her 14-year-old daughter Taylah was told by her teacher she would get picked on by other girls if she didn't do it. She said two other classmates were present when it was carried out. Via the Sydney Morning Herald:

"I didn't understand why they had to do it," Ms Woods told radio station 3AW on Thursday.The teenager, who has a disability, had been enrolled in a life skills program at Wangaratta District Specialist School in the state's north-east.


According to school officials, the shaving is part of the curriculum of the class which parents were made aware of beforehand.

School principal Libby Hosking said they would "definitely seek specific permission" for parts of their curriculum in future.


The school teaches children with intellectual and some physical disabilities and part of the independent living skills program is to demonstrate how things are done.

"It's not to say that shaving armpits needs to occur, it's just an option," [Hosking] said.

Woods said she wasn't given the opportunity to choose whether her not she wanted her daughter to participate.

"That's invading her rights as a person to decide whether or not she wants to get it done or not," she said.


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