MTV's True Life: I Hate My Small Breasts aired this weekend, featuring 18-year-old Shacole — who grew up competing in child beauty pageants — being repeatedly harangued by her mother to get implants.

Shacole is a 32A, and it's obvious to everyone around her (except herself and her mom) that she's beautiful the way that she is. She says her mother Nicole is a "stage mom" who used to stuff Shacole's bras with gel packs when she was competing in child pageants. Nicole even pressures Shacole to sign up for a website in which you post half-naked pictures of yourself in exchange for someone paying the cost of breast implant surgery.


Although she admits that she has resulting body image issues from her mother (and even cries when she looks at herself in the mirror), Shacole seems determined to not get the surgery. She hires a life coach/counselor to help her work through those problems, and when her mother finds out she tells her daughter, "I'd rather you spend money on getting your boobs done than on some lady who's telling you to chill out."

I know that I've seen the mother Nicole on some form of reality TV before, and it's driving me crazy that I can't place her. Any help?

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