In the past, we've gotten worked up about
the sexualization of little girls in beauty pageants and the 15-year-old whose mother got her lipo to "prevent" an eating disorder, but the Brits have one-upped us again! In The Sun, beautician Kerry Campbell claims that she regularly injects botox and fillers into her 8-year-old daughter's face. Apparently, she thinks this is a one-way ticket to fame and fortune. She explains:

"What I am doing for Britney now will help her become a star ... I know one day she will be a model, actress or singer, and having these treatments now will ensure she stays looking younger and baby-faced for longer ... All I want is for Britney to have the best start in life, so it is easier for her to become a superstar. More mothers should do it for their daughters."

Oh, and she buys the botox and fillers online — but they're totally safe! Sure, a woman died just last month after getting a shady injection, but Campbell says, "I ensure that I test the Botox and fillers I buy online on myself first."

Campbell plans to get Britney's eyebrows and lips tattooed with permanent makeup, and has already started getting her waxed. She says:

"She also has her virgin wax monthly, which gets rid of her fluffy leg hair and makes sure she wont develop pubic hair in the future. It will save her a fortune in waxing when she's older."


Britney says she now checks for wrinkles every night and asks for more injections when she finds them. She's also hoping to get "a boob and nose job soon, so that I can be a star."

Campbell now lives in San Francisco and claims that giving girls botox is all the rage on the kiddie pageant circuit, but we've never seen this on Toddlers & Tiaras or Little Miss Perfect, and it seems like one of those parents would've let this slip on camera.

The Sun reports that there's no law in the U.S. or the U.K. that says you can't give you're child botox, but we're betting that Campbell is about to find CPS doesn't look kindly on pumping your child full of mysterious substances you buy online. If this is actually true, that is. Quotes like, "I'd rather she be perfect and have a little frozen face," are so over the top that we're hoping this is all an unfunny joke.


I'm Injecting My Eight-Year-Old With Botox And Getting Her Body Waxes So She'll Be A Superstar [The Sun]

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