Mom Goes Out Drinking with Her Four-Year-Old Son, Is Promptly Arrested

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A woman in South Carolina is simultaneously facing child negligence charges and has become a darkhorse candidate for more permissive mother in America for allegedly giving beer to her four-year-old son at an Irish pub just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, which coincidentally will host the Democratic National Convention next week.


According to a report from the York County Sheriff's Office, a bar patron saw Gretchen Lynn Kinnear give her guileless four-year-old son sample shots of beer. Kinnear kept giving her son beer even after the patron imbricated himself into the situation and asked that the manager put a stop to the underage drinking madness. When questioned by deputies, Kinnear admitted to giving beer to her son, and also admitted that the episode in the pub had not been the first or only time she and her kid had ever gone out boozing together — Kinner said she often gave her son sips of wine at her home, not to quell his temper tantrums or get him drunk, but just so that he'd grow up a cultivated, dignified young lush of the world.

An interview with Kinnear's son, meanwhile, yield some heartbreaking responses, such as that the "tea" his mom shared with him "tasted funny and made him laugh a lot." It also, the boy told deputies, made him dizzy. Child welfare workers took custody of the boy right at the pub and placed him in the care of a couple who babysits him regularly.

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Let me get out my BINGO card.

"Children in Europe drink!"

"I grew up having wine and I turned out fine."

"There's nothing wrong with giving your kid a taste of alcohol!"

"Lighten up!"

The mother here is giving a four year old enough liquor to make him drunk. Regularly. This is not okay.