Drama: Mom Posts Coppertone Ad-Style Pic of Daughter on Facebook (Updated)

Photographer Jill White snapped an image of her daughter and a friend that reminded her of the iconic Coppertone Ad, so she shared it on Coppertone's Facebook page.

After posting the tribute to the Coppertone Facebook page, several people reported her for violating community standards. Facebook then banned her from the site for 24 hours.


What Facebook did is not as bad when Instagram deleted a mommy blogger's entire account for supposed nudity violations. Yet how White's picture fits into the definition of "pornography," I don't know:

"No way did I think [the picture] would fit the criteria of nudity or pornography, and if you read the terms of use in settings nowhere does it state that this would be considered either," White told Fox Carolina.

The social network insisted the removal was consistent with its community standards.

"It is hard," a spokesperson for the company told Today. "With over one billion people using Facebook we have to put into place a set of universal guidelines that respect the views of a wide range of people."

After she got her Facebook back, White put the photo up again — this time, using an emoji to cover the offending "nudity" (as shown above). For more details, check out the complete report on the Today Show below.

UPDATE: While White's account was frozen temporarily after Facebook notified her of an issue, she was never actually banned; our headline has been changed to reflect this. A spokesperson from Facebook reached out to us to clarify: "The photo displayed a nude child's bottom which falls on our parameters for deletion. When it comes to children we work hard to keep the site as safe and secure as possible."


Images via People and Jill White's Facebook.

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