Debra Harrell plans to file a lawsuit against the news station which posted her private information including social security number and home address.

"We're filing suit. The crux of the lawsuit was improper public disclosure of private confidential information," Robert Phillips, Harrell's attorney, told iMediaEthics. Harrell, from North Augusta, SC, was arrested was arrested in July and charged with "unlawful conduct" for letting her daughter, 7, play at a nearby park while she worked a shift at McDonald's. McDonald's fired Harrell following her arrest.

All of that was already a lot of bullshit but it only got worse when local media got hold of the story. After her arrest, WJBF News Channel 6 posted video from Harrell's interrogation (which is some of the most cringe worthy, mansplain-y shit ever).

"When [WJBF] posted the interrogation session to their website, they posted the entire video clip — which included all of Harrell's personal information," said Phillips. The information which was deleted an hour later, but viewers on Facebook were outraged. Harrell also got her job back at McDonald's.

No word yet on the amount of damages the lawsuit asks for, but I think this might be one of the first lawsuits in recent history that makes all of us want to scream "GOOD." I hope this hard working mother who no one thinks is capable of making decisions about her own child gets lots and lots of money front the people who made just that much easier for trolls to come after her. Supporters of Harrell also set up a crowdsourced funding effort on her behalf, which has raised almost $45,000. DOUBLE GOOD.


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