Mom Arrested After Encouraging Son In Front-Yard Fight

A California mom has been arrested for child endangerment after goading her son to fight another boy in her front yard.

In the above video, posted on YouTube, you can clearly hear Jennifer Zuniga telling her son to fight another boy and "fuck him up." She also appears to order the teen to throw punches rather than simply wrestling. The fight was apparently an effort to settle some sort of score between the boys — Zuniga accuses her son's opponent of wanting to jump him, and the kid says her son called him names. They also, somewhat distressingly, seem to think that fighting is a-okay if it takes place in someone's front yard.

They may well have gotten that idea from Zuniga, who now faces charges of child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor for her role in the fight. Several media outlets have compared her case to that of April Newcomb, the Florida mom caught on tape urging her daughter to fight another girl. She was charged with felony child abuse, and could face jail time. It's not clear why we're seeing a rash of moms-as-amateur-boxing-promoters, but one thing should be obvious: if you can't teach your kids to resolve their conflicts nonviolently, at least don't force them to fight on your lawn.


Mom Arrested After Being Caught On Tape Goading Her Son To Fight Other Teen On Front Lawn (VIDEO) [NY Daily News]
Jennifer Zuniga, Allegedly Told Son To Fight, Arrested (VIDEO) [Huffington Post]

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I grew up with a fair amount of privilege but in an area that was somewhat of an ecotone with those who had not. One night I came home with scratches all over my hands & informed my parents that some insane, drunken imp of a girl had attacked me unprovoked in the park. I had apparently blinked in the direction of a boy she liked. My dad's advice: "Next time, grab a beer bottle & smash her over the head."

After my second run-in with the girl, during which she jumped me in broad daylight on a busy street & threatened me with a knife, even the cops, once they eventually showed up, told me to fuck her up by whatever means necessary. They understood there was no reasoning with this girl. That the only thing that would get her to back off if I met her aggression in kind. Putting up a good fight was the only way to gain her respect & have her leave me be. My parents would have never sanctioned my starting a fight, but they would certainly advise me to finish one.