Molly Ringwald Tells Reddit Secret of Youth is 'Blood of Kristen Stewart'

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Reddit, the internet's sometimes lovable, often exasperating socially awkward child prodigy of a brother, occasionally invites celebrities (and meme subjects) to answer questions from the site's commentariat. Last night, former Brat Packer and current grown up actress Molly Ringwald offered herself as an interview subject, and nearly unprecedented awesomeness ensued.


Ringwald starred in such slumber party favorites as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink and currently stars in ABC Family's The Secret Life of the American Teenager and makes vocal jazz albums when she's not chasing after her three children. She's also hilarious.

She dished about the rumor that she had been offered Julia Roberts' role in Pretty Woman but turned it down (she saw an early version of the script, which was then called $3,000 and doesn't remember expressly turning it down), how she had initially thought of herself as a singer rather than an actress, and how Judd Nelson was almost fired from The Breakfast Club because he was a method actor who was "trying to bother" her during rehearsals and director John Hughes was "very protective" of her, and how she briefly considered, but then rejected the idea of a Sixteen Candles sequel, because Hughes wouldn't have wanted it. She also told readers that during the weed smoking scene from The Breakfast Club, Hughes pretty much just let the camera roll for 20 minutes while the actors improvised. And finally, Molly Ringwald is on Team "Ally Sheedy Looked Better As A Breakfast Club Weirdo Before She Had Her Preppy Makeover." And Team James Spader. Molly Ringwald is still in touch with the youths of today.

But the best part of the Q&A was when she explained her secret weapon against the signs of aging. When one user asked her how she kept up her looks (in Redditese, that's "How did you manage to get hotter with age?!"), she responded, "I drink the blood of Kristen Stewart." Just like your fantasy vampire husband Robert Pattinson! And when Redditors asked her if it was really Ally Sheedy's dandruff in the notebook snow scene, Ringwald responded that it wasn't Ally's, it was hers. 'Molly Ringwald's Dandruff' would be a terrible band name.

Molly Ringwald is now your best friend.




She might be on team pre-makeover Sheedy, but what are her thoughts on that pink DIY Franken-prom dress from Pretty in Pink, hmm?

Hint: There is only one right answer.