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Moe just got seated at the Nicole Miller show. Unfortunately, the instant messaging function on her phone is not working anymore. (Sabotage? Or a spilled drink?) Fortunately, her email is! Here's what she has to say so far. 7:42: "I have a seat this time. I have realized that we rank somewhere between Life & Style and and one row ahead of a fifty-something man in sunglasses entirely dressed in camouflage with neon accents. It does seem unfair. Omg I think I see Emily Weiss! Yes!! She is staring so intently!" 7:44: "Clothes much more tailored, less vomitously pretty. I'm still not seeing how these shows are supposed to 'tell a story'." 7:47: "I'm always torn when clothes are pretty, and smart looking, devoid of stupid extraneous flourishes, obviously beautifully tailored, and yet I know anyone who would wear them I would, like, hate. It's like the way I felt in high school about J Crew. These women all work in marketing."

7:55: "Outside I ran into a girl from Boston Magazine who recognized me. She reminded me it is now Boston Fashion week. We would be so front row at that."


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Boston has a fashion week? Dude, I bet even I would be front row at that. I'd try to sneak in this week but I have no idea who any of the designers are.