Moe almost died at the Max Azria show! 2:43: "I'm in line with a woman in sleeveless sheath wearing glitter on her arms and also, moss green gloves. Is this normal? Snoopy is here and the approaching Snoopy show, which some attendees mistakenly assumed would be a dog fashion show, is being discussed. A short girl with a large yellow bag explains it is actually a show featuring ensembles by different designers inspired by Peanuts characters. 'Who designed Pig Pen?' I wonder. No one knows. 'It's going to be the best show here,' I say. 'You mean because there's so many different designers?' asks the girl with the yellow bag. Now there is a rush, an exodus. EVERYONE CHARGING IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION END TIMES END TIMES. Max Azria is at capacity and allowing no more guests in. Drat!" (BUT THERE'S MORE! Ever-resourceful Moe discovered a television screen and reviewed the show anyway! Click the tag for more...)


2:53: "Ah! There's a screen outside. Why can't there be a CSPAN channel for this so I don't have to leave my hotel room? It would be like C-SPAN 2, only more boring. Look, Carine Roitfeld! My she has poor posture. Just like us! Clothes are meh. Silky shiny white cream white white beige... Belts, wide leg pants, flowy flowy all the trends blah blah. All the details are subtle and silhouettes clean, clothes I would wear if I wore white. Or bought clothes. All models look same and white as BCBG models with 90% less makeup, hair in ponytails. "wow that was really minimalist!" exclaims a spectator. OMG I'm envisioning a C-Span of fashion shows with a call in program. What would they say? 'That was so minimalist! That model needs Proactiv!' Only fashion week can make you appreciate the crazies who call up C-Span..."



@Puerco: Damn. You beat me. I was gonna say Jeffrey. I think Jeffrey would churn out a very appropriate Pigpen.