Hailey Hasbrook — a 17-year-old new face model who worked over 30 hours for Marc Jacobs during New York fashion week while the designer styled his collection, and who is just one of the many runway models Jacobs doesn't pay — has written a response to our earlier story. It reads in part:

First I want to set one thing straight, I loved working and doing looks for Marc Jacobs. I was actually one of the favorite jobs I have had so far. Everyone there were absolutely amazing and awesome to work with. It wasn't like I was non-stop trying clothes on for a full 9 hours. There were many times where Marc and Camille were going over other things. I had many breaks where I could go and lay on the couch, read, or just relax. They took really good care of me there. All I had to do was ask if I needed anything. There was plenty of food and drinks there the entire time. They were all very understanding, flexible and accommodating.

I actually preferred to be paid in trade. I love everything that I got, and it was well worth it. There was an entire room filled with clothes and shoes that I was asked to choose from. Everything was amazing.

I feel like the authors of these blogs tried to remake my entire post and make it seem that I was slamming the company. As I said, it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed my time there, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I am not and was not complaining one bit about it at all. I hope that everybody can see and understand that I meant no harm by those posts and that this will help clear everybody's mind of any false beliefs that were put there by Jezebel or any other posts that may have mentioned me in them.

It's of course good to know that Jacobs and company treat their models well while they're working. He still didn't pay her.

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