Model and BAMF Nyle DiMarco Will Be Dancing With The Stars' Second Deaf Contestant

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Nyle DiMarco, the winner of America’s Next Top Model’s most recent season and a man I have never seen fully wear a shirt, will be a contestant on next season’s Dancing With The Stars. I will be sprinkling some of these shirtless photos sporadically throughout this post.


(^^ Not in a shirt.)

DiMarco, who made waves on ANTM as the contest’s first deaf cast member and for declaring himself “sexually fluid” during last season’s run, will be the second person to be featured on the reality dance competition. Actress and all-around BAMF Marlee Matlin, who recently starred in the ASL Broadway revival of the musical Spring Awakening, was the fist deaf contestant to appear on the show in 2008.


(^^ Not seeing a shirt here.)

DiMarco’s future appearance on DWTS seems to be keeping in line with the model’s pledge to represent the deaf population on mainstream media, and to “not stop breaking down barriers,” as he said in an interview with The Daily Mail immediately following ANTM’s series finale.

(^^ Not a tank-top in sight.)

As Logo reported, the official cast announcement for DWTS will be made on March 8 on Good Morning America; both Fuller House’s Jodie Sweetin is also rumored to be an upcoming contestant on the show.


(^^ Okay, I guess he wears shirts sometimes.)

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