Attention companies looking to make a profit: you're more likely to do that by boosting your female leadership ranks. BAM. (That's a sound of a glass ceiling, shattering and then being stepped on by some very-killer stiletto pumps en route to a corner office.)

Via US News:

Evidence is growing that gender equity is not just politically correct window-dressing, but good business. Companies are trying to increase the number of women in executive positions, yet many are struggling to do so because of a failure to adapt workplace conditions in a way that ensures qualified women do not drop off the corporate ladder, surveys show.

The case for companies to act is compelling.

In a survey last year of 366 companies, consultancy McKinsey & Co. found that those whose leadership roles were most balanced between men and women were more likely to report financial returns above their national industry median.

For good measure, some PTAF:

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