MLK Flip-Flopper John McCain Gets Booed In Memphis

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  • The McCain strategist who thought it was a brilliant idea to have him give a speech at the Lorraine Motel on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination to apologize for having voted against MLK Day should probably not keep his job. [CBS News]
  • The advance staffer who gave the world the image of an African-American man holding an umbrella over McCain during the speech needs to go, too. [HuffPo]
  • Hillary Clinton's speechwriters, who wrote a speech that, for once, actually played to her oratorical skills, should stay. The guy who decided to coin the phrase "Poverty Czar"? Probably not. [NY Times]
  • Oooh, blind item: which one of you lesbian, bonerkilling commentwhores was dragged out of a Hillary event in Los Angeles? Fess up! [Breitbart]
  • Hillary's tax returns are out, and yeah, the Clintons are ridiculously rich. [Yahoo]
  • One would think that there'd be no way to make a story about Clinton and Madonna boring. One would think wrong. [HuffPo]
  • Even though he took $10 million from Hillary's campaign and then used his position of prominence as a lobbyist to undercut her stance against the Colombian Free Trade Agreement, Mark Penn gets to just apologize and continue raking in that cash. [Politico]
  • Speaking of unemployment, it's up, of course. [LA Times]
  • But the Michigan do-over is down for the count. [WaPo]
  • Not that there aren't bigger election problems other places, like ZImbabwe. [WaPo]
  • In case you want a little quiet reflection on events past but always remembered, you can read RFK's words about MLK's assassination, the words of the witnesses to the assassination (who still haven't been questioned by police?) and then a somber piece about why so many people fear for Obama's safety, even today.

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@cheerupsylvia (Can I Haz...Notice???):

That was my point - the attepmt at avoidance of press scrutiny strikes me as deliberate, but why? I'm not anti-Clinton at all, but it I just have a hard time understanding why she dragged her feet on releasing the records for so long, then pushes them out late Friday. From what I've noticed about her, she doesn't seem to like people asking her questions she doesn't "feel" should be posed (Chelsea has a touch of it too) or being pressured to do something she feels she doesn't "need" to do. Maybe her attitude stems from living with and defending Bill all those years, but this move just seems odd, and a little politically passive-agressive on her part IMO.