MK and A Want to Sell You a Perfume That Smells Like Lying in Bed

The December issue of Allure has two covers: One of Ashley Olsen, one of Mary-Kate Olsen. The tycoons are launching a duo of perfumes connected to their designer label Elizabeth and James.

As Fashionista reports,

Just as there are twin-sided fragrances on the way — Nirvana White and Nirvana Black — the girls got twin-sided covers, one featuring Ashley in white and the other Mary-Kate in black.


Apparently to these sisters, Nirvana is "when we're in bed at home." So the fragrance is "intimate" and smells like linens and bodywash (floral musk, sandalwood, violet). Chic.

Of course, Nirvana is not the first scent from these two: They had a bunch of tweenage perfumes back in the day. Raise your hand if you had Tokyo Fusion or NY Chic.

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