Miuccia Prada Puts End To Fashion Week Apartheid!

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  • Designer Miuccia Prada has broken her longstanding ban on black models in fashion shows! At the label's Milan show last night, British model Jourdan Dunn walked the runway and showed those white girls a thing or two. [Oh No They Didn't]
  • At the Missoni party in Milan on Sunday night, model Irina Lazareanu reported that she was wearing, "Zac Posen pants and my boyfriend Pete's jacket; it's his old school jacket from cricket and I took it because I think it suits me better." Yes, that's Pete Doherty she's talking about. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • London's Telegraph's fashion critic Hilary Alexander on PETA protesters outside the Burberry show on Monday: "I I have no use for that kind of nonsense!" [Chic Report]
  • Just what your toddler needs: A T-shirt with Agyness Deyn's face on it! [Nylon]
  • Agyness has also been molded into a mannequin. [Telegraph]
  • Though Marc Jacobs has finally gotten back into fashion critic Suzy Menkes' good graces, he's since managed to piss off the entire country of Sweden: officials claim he ripped off an iconographic, historic design of the country's in a new scarf design. [UPI]
  • Start petitioning Denton to send us all to Dubai so we can partake in the first-ever Cavalli Club. Yes, as in Roberto Cavalli. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • No shit: Skinny models still dominate the runways. [Times of London]
  • Versace sales are up by 7.7%: Brava, Donatella. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Sales of Italian shoes: also up, which is pretty impressive considering the exchange rate isn't helping them here. Russians and trade legislation are to thank. [IHT]
  • Or, um, well... things made in Italy? Often made in China. [LATimes]
  • Black lipstick is turning up everywhere on the runways. Maybe because it is such a pleasing and flattering look! [BellaSugar]
  • Shakira, the beauty line. [Sassybella]
  • Unintentionally salient quote from a fashion person of the day: "Women inspire me and I inspire them to be independent and free which is how I feel when I use my American Express Card." —Diane von Furstenberg. [Vogue UK]



Just what your toddler needs: A T-shirt with Agyness Deyn's face on it!

Yes, if you HATE your baby.