Mittens Should Be Seen And Not Heard

My fellow Americans, some men were put on this earth to be seen and not heard, and I hereby present to you video evidence that the Romneys seem to be cut from this cloth. This thought may have occurred to you before — maybe when he posed the question of a group of African American citizens on Monday as to "who let the dogs out." Or when he chastised John McCain for turning "the pharmaceutical industry into the bad guys" or stammered all that bullshit about blah blah he never had relations with that lobbyist. Or when you read hunky Josh Romney's blog post about how he devilishly, and at age 32, recently short-sheeted his parents' bed But there's an answer, folks: see how much better they get when they're speaking French so you can't understand them? Or if you turn off the sound altogether and just let the sexy tunes take over? That's what I'm talking about. Video by Richard Blakeley.


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@alicetheowl: When I moved to Mass. from Michigan, age 10, I said to my mom, "Where did everyone else go? Why is everyone white?" She thought it was hilarious and still brings it up today.