Poor Mitt Romney, he just cannot catch a break when it comes to his staff. First his communications director likened him to an Etch A Sketch, and now his staff has delivered unto him the lamest April Fool's joke in history. Here's what happened, according to the AP:

They took Romney to a room he thought was packed with supporters gathered for a pancake brunch. It was supposed to be his first campaign stop Sunday as he courted Wisconsin voters ahead of Tuesday's primary. Rep. Paul Ryan introduced Romney as he waited backstage. There was some cheering, but his staff told Romney not to expect a big crowd. When he walked out, the room was completely empty. His supporters were actually gathered in another room upstairs.

You can see Romney's circuit boards light up as he tries to process why he has no supporters—and there is definitely a moment when he genuinely panics—but then all of the awkward white man giggling tips him off. (Besides Paul Ryan, the other dummy standing up there is Sen. Ron "Just Google Free Birth Control" Johnson, who just endorsed Romney.)


Mittens finally manages an, "Ohhh, these guys..." These guys indeed. If they'd wanted to really be funny, they might have tried hiring Lady Gaga or someone else who is actually popular to run up and start making out with Mitt—you know, something that would never happen. As it is, this "prank" is way too close to reality to actually be a joke at all.

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