Last week, we introduced you to Richard Grenell, the man who had just been hired as Mitt Romney's national security and foreign policy spokesman. We also introduced you to a variety of mean and often sexist tweets that Grenell had gone in and deleted from his Twitter account because they made him look like a total asshat. Well, the good news is that he abruptly resigned from his job today, so we won't have to contend with his sexist remarks and general incompetence.


The bad news, however, is that the reason Grenell stepped down is because he was under heavy attack from anti-gay GOP groups who had it out for him because he is openly gay. Not cool. Not cool, at all. Apparently his boss, Mitt Romney, responded to the nasty attacks on Grenell by essentially hiding him from public view. What a brave and courageous leader that Mittens is! This decision was understandably frustrating to Grenell, whose entire job was to be a public voice for the campaign. So, he said whatever the Republican equivalent of "peace out" is and decamped for less controversial (and probably more profitable) pastures.

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