Mitt Romney's Fancy Horse Is Worth More Than Your Entire Family. Seriously.

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Rafalca, Mitt Romney's frou frou Olympics-bound dressage horse, nets the family a $77,000 tax credit per year. Since Normals who produce mere human children only get a $1,000 tax credit per child, it therefore stands to reason that Rafalca Romney is worth 77 human children. Certainly more than your entire family.

But before you get up in arms over the exorbitant cluelessness of the hundobillionaire who will spend the next several exhausting months rolling up his sleeves and wearing baseball caps and shaking hands with men who have never had manicures, pretending to understand their problems, consider for a moment the enormous costs of taking care of an animal as highfalutin as Mitt's Little Pony.

Current TV provides a nice side-by-side of how much an American family can expect to spend on continuing to be alive versus how much the Romneys spend making sure Rafalca gleams and glistens like the handsome horse-prince he is. Some of the figures may surprise you. For example, did you know that the average family spends a little over $16,000 on housing per year, and Rafalca's housing costs nearly $29,000? That Rafalca's clothing costs $10,000 per year? That the Romneys shell out $15,420 carting that four legged Fauntleroy from place to place?


Maybe the Romney's horse is worth more than most people.


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Yes, Mitt Romney spends a lot of money on his fancy horse. He's very wealthy.

However, if this is the story until November in the MSM and sites that tend to think before they speak like Jezebel just repeat and/or perpetuate it.

He's rich. Rich people can do things that non-rich people can't do and the amount of money they spend on those things is often beyond the comprehension of non-rich people. He also has some terrible ideas about running this country and an inability to clarify his position on some really important issues. And, he has some really good business skills that might actually help this country and provide good ideas. That seems to get lost in the "wow, look how much money."