Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been dogged by a story from 1983 that continues to hound him to this day: while on a family vacation to Canada, Mittens strapped the family dog to the roof of the car in a container and drove off. For 12 hours. The dog shat himself in fear en route, all over the car. The Romneys have reported that their Irish Setter lived to a "ripe old age" after the incident, but now it seems that the pup may have run away once the family got to Canada.

Two of Romney's sons told a reporter in an off-the-record conversation that Seamus may very well have lived to a ripe old age, but they wouldn't know because he jumped ship in Ontario. Was it the promise of universal health care that drew him north? Fear of his master who "cooly" hosed the dog and car off at a gas station before returning the pet to the station wagon's roof? We may never know.

Did Mitt Romney's Dog Seek Asylum in Canada? [Politicker]