Here's a clip of GOP Presidential Probably-Nominee/ overall weird, awkward guy Wildegard Mittens Von Cashingham Romney informing an enthusiastic 2007 crowd that if he were in charge, he'd clean up the piss infested waters of America's moral swimming pool by requiring computers come equipped with "NO PORN" buttons.


During the appearance, footage of which was dug up by BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski, Romney promises the crowd that one way to clean up the morality catastrophe that is modern life, computer manufacturers need to figure out how to make a button or a switch or some steam-powered contraption for computers so that parents can make sure their kids don't accidentally see some pornography.

I love it when politicians talk about technology in a way that implies that they have no idea how it works. I wonder if Mittens also has his wife fiddle with the family computer like John McCain.



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