Mitt Romney Unwittingly Tells Spanish Language News Outlet that He Loves Vagina

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We all misuse slang now and then. When I was in fourth grade, a kid named David told everyone on the playground that women's private parts were called "pajoygens," and no one corrected him. A kid I used to babysit used to refer to her elbows as "boners" (because they're bony?). And I'll never forget the time I was in Mexico City and tried to use my very broken Spanish to comment to my then-boyfriend's family about how much I loved huevos. Thankfully for David, that kid, and me in 2009, none of those gaffes were broadcast and ridiculed, and thankfully for democracy, none of us are running for office. Mitt Romney, after an appearance on a radio show that caters to Cuban-Americans in Florida, isn't so lucky.


Radio Mambí is a station in Miami with an audience consisting primarily of Cuban exiles, and Mitt Romney is a man running for President primarily concerned with convincing people in Florida that his goal isn't to fuck each and every one of them over. He's got his work cut out for him.

During the appearance, he was asked about what sort of fruits he prefers, and, according to Univision, this is how the rest of the exchange went,

"I am a big fan of mango, papaya, and guava," Romney said.

The hosts chuckled and added, "There are mangos there too."

We're not sure if the host and translator laughed with Romney in his moment of candor, at the fact that he added mango and papaya to the list, or that the latter is Cuban slang for "vagina."

To be fair, in many languages (including English), pretty much ever word for fruit can be slang for "vagina" if used with the right inflection. But I'm hopeful that what Romney actually mean was "vagina," and that this non-gaffe means Mitt Romney is going to stop campaigning on a promise to make it more expensive for women to access health care.



Sticky Little Fingers

Yeah, yeah, weaksauce.

The part the annoys me is that the dude seems to be incapable of NOT pandering. Does anyone really believe that Mitt's favorite fruits are mango, papaya and guava? Fercrissakes, he looks totally like an pear kinda guy. Maybe a few strawberries if he's feeling frisky.