Mitt Romney Pulls Off Wins in Michigan and Arizona, Rains on Santorum's Parade

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Mittens Romney, ftw! He handily defeated Santorum in tonight's Arizona primary, and Michigan has now been called in his favor too—though it remains possible that he'll win the popular vote there but not the delegate vote. They allocate their delegates on a proportional basis, and the count is still being listed as too close to call. But regardless of that outcome, Mitt's victories mean that Rick Santorum did not manage to pull off the major upset in Michigan that he had been hoping for. He must be positively frothing at the mouth with anger. Of course, there's still Super Tuesday to look forward to next week, but this shift in momentum could just be enough to spell the end Rick "The Sweater Vest" Santorum once and for all.

Romney wins Arizona, leads in Michigan [CNN]

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Honestly I hope Santorum gets the nomination. His tiny, tiny, woman/gay-hating tears will be delicious when Obama hands his ass to him in the general election. That, and SNL will have some of its best writing in years if he's the candidate.