Mitt Romney Has the Overwhelming Support of Exactly Zero Percent of Black People

At last, Mitt Romney's quest to find a single black friend can now officially be declared a failure. According to the newest round of polling, a grand total of zero percent of black voters say they support the former Governor of Massachusetts in his bid for the Presidency. Wow, even after that totally insincere speech before the NAACP convention that prompted boos that Mitt Romney later used as a way to convince donors to give him money? Even after that time he said WHO LET THE DOGS OUT! WHO WHO! during a photo op with a group of black teenagers? I simply cannot imagine how it came to this. I'm completely baffled!

The depressing round of polling numbers shows that not only is President Obama up by 4 points nationally, the introduction of Paul Ryan as winner of the veepstakes has had virtually no impact on people's voting intentions — especially among groups Romney desperately needs — women, young people, and Latino voters.


The NBC/WSJ poll shows white people preferring Romney to Obama by a margin of 53 to 40% (WTF, white people?!) and among Olds, 49 to 41%. But Latino voters prefer Obama by an almost 2 to 1 margin, women prefer Obama by 10 points, and black people prefer Obama over Romney 94% to 0%. Sad trombone sound effect. America's young whipper snappers prefer Obama by an 11 point margin.

The Romney camp claims that this is nothing to worry about, but with Todd Akin's flapping gums apparently bringing Missouri back into play and Paul Ryan's whackadoodle views about women's bodies and how we'd all be better off if people were just able to invest their Social Security money in the stock market (that would have gone splendidly during the years 2007-2009) further alienating women and the elderly, things aren't looking sunny for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Unless Joe Biden literally throws up all over himself during the Vice Presidential debate. Which could happen.


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