Mitt Romney Celebrates Father’s Day By Pulling One of His Famously Terrible Pranks

In yet another desperate attempt to humanize their father, the Romney sons released a Father's Day video in which they detail all of the fun times they had with their dad. Guess what? The good times centered entirely around pranking each other. Oh, and for some mysterious reason also involved him nicknaming one of the boys "knucklesnorts." Of course, they do end the video by trying to prove that he wasn't just a psycho trickster and talk about how much he loved to help people. (After he pranked them, I guess?) They tell the story of the time he learned of a woman in their town who'd run out of money to pay her heating bill one winter. He did what any decent millionaire would do: he recruited his sons to chop some firewood up, and they delivered enough wood to get her through the end of the month. Some people might have given her the money to pay her heating bill, but not Mitt—because he knows a hand up is better than a handout.

Anyway, since pranks are apparently the only way that Good Times Romney knows how to celebrate a holiday, he pulled off one of his famous tricks on the press covering his campaign this weekend. He walked onto the bus they're being ferried around in and taped this note to the dashboard:


So what does this tell us, other than that Mitt is strangely fond of misplaced em dashes? Does it tell us that he doesn't want THE TRUTH to get out there? Nah, but it does remind us of that time that he and his top aides got into hot water back in 2006 when he was outgoing governor in Massachusetts, and they all wiped their emails from the server and took the hard drives from their state offices. Oops, probably shouldn't have brought that into the forefront of all the reporters' minds again. Hah. Classic Romney prank gaffe!

By the way, in case you were wondering how the Obama campaign's father's day video stacked up to Mitt's, it's quite lovely, and it does not involve any pranking—unless you count Michelle talking about what an engaged and wonderful father Barack is to his daughters until your heart melts and pours out through your eyes.

Obama Campaign Says Mitt Romney's Joke Is No Laughing Matter [ABC]

Image via evanvucci

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