Mississippi GOP Not So Proud of that Coat Hanger Abortion Endorsement Anymore

Illustration for article titled Mississippi GOP Not So Proud of that Coat Hanger Abortion Endorsement Anymore

Last week, a Mississippi Republican named Bubba Carpenter proudly informed a group of gathered sycophants that his party's push to eliminate abortion from the state had been successful, and that he didn't care that this meant that women there would resort to desperate measures like coat hanger abortions. "But, hey. You have to have moral values," he said. Now, the GOP has disabled embedding on the video in a ham-fisted attempt to keep people from talking about what a soulless git Bubba Carpenter is.


Maddow Blog, which first brought the story to our attention, reported that the party's YouTube channel had made it more difficult for bloggers in the liberal commie media to distort the facts by presenting everything Bubba Carpenter said, unedited.

In that vein, here are some other suggested ways that the Mississippi GOP can use their limited knowledge of social media keep the world from knowing how awful it is:
- Put smiley face stickers over the faces of the men pictured testifying against birth control access. Use, uh, Photoshop.
- Pass a law barring the manufacture of anti-Carpenter bumper stickers that contain pictures of coat hangers and the phrase "But, hey."
- Block comments on Bubba Carpenter's Facebook page
- Create a private MySpace account.
- Write a bunch of really mean Tweets and then delete them. Then say the account was "hacked."
- Buy Facebook stock. At Board of Directors' meeting, push agenda.
- Write letter to scientist who studies time travel, request time machine, use it to travel back to the moment before Bubba Carpenter said that thing about coat hanger abortions, and confiscate all recording devices from the room.
- Untag all pictures of coat hangers tagged "Bubba Carpenter" on Facebook. Have an intern do this.




I'm surprised that someone with such high production values would stumble so badly. It's almost like he doesn't know what he's doing!