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Missing 74-Year-Old Woman Survived a Month on Granola Bars in Woods

Illustration for article titled Missing 74-Year-Old Woman Survived a Month on Granola Bars in Woods

A 74-years-old Florida woman who was missing for almost a month survived in the woods on nothing but granola bars and discarded sodas.


Traute Rankin of Leesburg went missing from her home around May 2. Renee Shelley said her mother's mental issues made her paranoid, which caused her to leave her home. For weeks, Rankin lived in nearby woods, according to Local 6:

Rankin had a blanket under a large palm tree in a wooded area off Citrus Boulevard about 30 yards from the road. Rankin survived off granola bars she had in her purse, according to her daughter. There were several open granola bar wrappers and several empty plastic soda bottles at the campsite. Rankin would walk along the street and find soda bottles people had discarded and drink what was left, Shelley said.


Shelley told police her mother eventually tried to go to a local Walmart, but was collapsed from dehydration before she made it to the store. Luckily, a passerby spotted Rankin and called police. Shelley said she is still in the hospital undergoing treatment, and doctors do not yet know when she will be able to be released.

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Mitch Connor

For some reason out of the corner of my eye the headline looked like, "Missing 74-year old woman fed mothman granola bars in the woods."

So, really, this article is a huge let-down for me.