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No Missdemeanors today! But a reader nominates this entry from DListed, about Anne Hathaway: "Dear Diary, No matter what I do I can't get this awful fish taste out of my mouth. I've tried brushing with baking soda, rinsing with vinegar and nothing. It just won't go away and people are starting to ask questions. I know I could stop eating fish, but I just love the taste. I'll ask Heather Matarazzo what to do. She'll know. Love, Kisses and Sushi, Annie" (Click the pic to read the reader's awesome response.) [DListed]

Kay. Like, maybe it's not a big deal to compare the smell and taste of a woman to Fish, but for Christ sake the joke is old. And to top it off, his little faux letter isn't even logically and creatively consistent! First he says that she can't get this "awful" (cough*fuckoff*cough) taste of fish out of her mouth, then she says she just loves the taste. Fuck off. If you're going to make fun of my Vagina, don't fuck up the joke.


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I used to read Dlisted very regularly. Michael K often seems like an intelligent, okay guy.

Then he writes crap like this, except he writes crap like this into every post and often it's kind of funny, but it's always gross.

Anyway, I stopped reading that site like 6 months ago and then I go back and it's so gross and it makes me feel nauseated and depressed to be alive.

Just like Cosmo!!