Miss Universe Wisely Decides to Allow Transgender Women Into Their Pageants

In what is a major step forward for transgender women looking to live out the pageant queen's dream, the Miss Universe Organization announced today that they will officially change their rules to allow transgender contestants to into their pageants. That means they'll not only be allowed to compete for Miss Universe, but also Miss USA and Miss Teen. They're still working on the language of the official policy change, but it should be done shortly. It will then be approved by NBC and the one and only Donald Trump, who co-own the contest. This decision comes, of course, following intense pressure after the Miss Universe Pageant disqualified Jenna Talackova, who was born a male but had a sex change four years ago. She was eventually allowed to compete again. This change in policy will ensure that nobody else has to undergo the same drama Talackova did-so now everyone will be allowed in and the only drama they'll have to worry about is all the usual craziness that happens backstage at beauty pageants.


Miss Universe pageant allowing transgender women [AP]

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