Former Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton - famous for her embarrassing "such as" ramble - recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, who sent her out into the world to learn from the master (Nadya Suleman, natch) where babies come from.

As stupid as she may have sounded in her disastrous pageant interview, Upton comes across pretty funny and silly in these clips. She may not know much about maps or Iraq, but thanks to late night television, she now has a pretty good grasp of what her uterus looks like. Also, we've got to give her props for her brave attempt to draw an anatomically correct diagram of the reproductive system on live television.


Former Miss Teen South Carolina Learns Where Babies Come From [BuzzFeed]

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She's so endearing! I'll write off her "such as" rant as poor public speaking skills/nervousness. #selfdeprecating