Miss Rap Supreme Is Supremely Entertaining

Tonight VH1 is premiering its newest reality show Miss Rap Supreme. For some reason, VH1 tends to air new episodes of stuff during the daytime before evening "premieres", and we got a chance to catch the show earlier today and we love it. The ladies — all aspiring rappers — live in a house together and have to write rhymes and be able to perform in order to stay in the house (they are competing for the title of Miss Rap Supreme, as well as a $100,000 cash prize).The best part is that Khia (as in "My Neck, My Back") is actually one of the contestants. One of the girls started shit with her the first week in the house, calling her a one-hit wonder, which was so stupid. Doesn't she know about Khia's rap sheet and extensive collection of mugshots?


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