Miss J Is A Baby Daddy

Miss J is known to ANTM fans as a character, but today on Tyra—while promoting his book Follow the Model—he revealed personal aspects about his life, coming out of the closet, and the fact that he's a father.

In this clip, J tells the story of how he came out to his mother, or rather, how his mother pulled him out.


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Okay, I'm going to say something that I know is completely ridiculous, but still: Given the situation he described, where it's a sperm donor (or donors) that you know and are friends/comfortable with and there are no apparent fertility issues, would anybody else try the ol' squish the contents of a used condom out and see if it takes route? I mean, aren't IUI and IVF really really expensive? Would anyone else be tempted to go the cheapo DIY artificial insemination first, or am I just disgusting? #jalexanderfather