Miss California USA Believes, Such As

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Since Carrie Prejean has thrust the Miss California USA Pageant Organization into the spotlight, the team over there decided to make use of its sudden relevance with a new PSA video, called "I Believe."


Californians, aren't you so super psyched to be in the news? The "Public Service Announcement" promotes something about you guys, although it's unclear what. Black and white photography? Tank tops? Hair which curls on your shoulders? There are veiled references to Carrie Prejean — Brook Lee, Miss Universe 1997, says, "I believe when I express my opinion, I have the responsibility to do it respectfully." Uh, okay. A smattering of other Misses echo, "with respect, respect, respect!" Meagan Tandy, Miss California USA 2007, arms crossed so we can't see if her boobs are fake or not, says, "I believe Californians may disagree on some things, but we all take pride in our state's diversity." Well, you may believe that, but that doesn't make it true! If you blink, you'll miss Miss California Pageant president Shanna Moakler. But you will see Tami Ferrell, Miss Teen USA 2003 and Miss California 2009 runner-up, who is now the "Beauty of California ambassador." She was the one some thought might (dun dun dun) take Carrie Prejean's crown!

Anyway, all of this is not to say that the PSA is terrible. It's not. I mean, I don't know what it's for, but it seems like it's trying to be positive. And if you're into hearing a bunch of women — who rose to "fame" while laquered with makeup and wearing bikinis — talking earnestly about what they "believe" while dressed down and shot in black and white to look "serious" — then this clip is for you! Such as. The rest of us will just be patiently waiting until all of these people, and what they believe, are, once again, irrelevant. Clip below.

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Helen Valentine

You know, I kind of see where they're coming from here. After all the Carrie Prejean brouhaha, they wanted to release a totally uncontroversial message that no one in their right mind is going to disagree with. Like believing in diversity and respect and expressing one's opinion gracefully.

No one's gonna see this PSA and be like "What?! No! I fucking HATE when people respect each other! I'm going to call up Shanna Moakler and complain to her RIGHT NOW!"

Oh, Miss California USA, I see wat u did thar.