When the Miss America Pageant, ditched by Viacom owned CMT, finally goes the way of Elle Girl — online only (but so Web 2.0!) — some, like Nashville's Ralph Emery, may see it as a blow to that "little piece of Americana" that is the promotion of lofty goals (scholarship) alongside loftier ones (swimsuit-wearing!)

CMT will continue to promote athleticism alongside perky tits on its Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show [CMT] Donald Trump To Promote Smarmy MBA Types Alongside Former Cokeheads On NBC for the next 3 years [E Online!] Spring Break continues to promote consumption of branded products along with copious quantities of Jaeger. [Washington Post] American educators continue to promote fellatio alongside the Montessori method. [New York Times] Courtney Love promotes a psychotically-restrictive diet in conjunction with a highly sensible weight loss goal of between 6 and 11 pounds. [The Skinny Website]


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