Miss America 2008: Paris Hilton Is The New "World Peace"

This year, the Miss America pageant was given a "modern makeover," wherein the newly crowned young lady wouldn't be considered less of a "beauty queen" and more of an "it girl." Included in the modernization were bluejeans on stage, an absence of choreographed group dance numbers, a reality show tie-in, and a new format for the final question segment. Traditionally the judges ask the final questions, but this year they were asked by "people on the street" (which, in this case, wasthe Vegas strip) in pre-taped segments. Almost all of the questions involved either Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Jamie Lynn or Britney Spears. And even when the questions didn't, the contestants made sure to name-check them in their answers. (The young woman who actually won answered a question about AIDS.) Clip above.


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Uh... Not that it makes a world of difference, but this post was about the Miss America pageant, while a lot of the comments have been about Miss USA (the cheap knock-off that Trump bought from Dick Clark)