Misogynist and Noted Fathead Donald Trump Made Spokesman for the Women's Tennis Association

The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) recently released a 60 second PSA featuring various celebrities discussing the strength and enduring qualities of female tennis players as a part of their "Strong Is Beautiful" campaign and, while some of the spokespeople make sense (Billie Jean King, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova) and others are slightly puzzling (Stanley Tucci and Randy Jackson), a certain individual stands above the rest as one of the most questionable and offensive representatives that a women's organization could ever possibly choose — known woman-hater and all-around dickbag Donald Trump.


In recent years, Trump has become as famous for his vicious, crybaby attacks on various female celebrities (ranging from Cher to Rosie O'Donnell to the women who compete in his Miss U.S.A pageant) as he is for his tacky hotels. While slinging mud on Twitter is one thing, Trump's thick-skulled brand of verbal assault is a whole nother. More often than not, Trump is known to go after a woman's appearance above all else because, as far as he's demonstrated, that's what he believes to be our number one asset.

So what on Earth would compel the WTA to get Donald Trump — presumably on break from making racist comments about the president on the internet — to barf up choice soundbites like "Legends are made one shot at a time" and "That's what champions are all about" alongside feminist heroes like Billie Jean King? As tennis site Drop Shot Dispatch has pointed out, the "Strong Is Beautiful" campaign, with its emphasis on appearance and the need to be beautiful, is problematic in its own right, but surely the WTA ought to possess enough awareness to know that Trump (and Richard Branson, for that matter) is an unsuitable representative of both their brand and cause. Trump doesn't believe that strong is beautiful. In fact, Trump doesn't believe that anything beyond his own narrow view of female attractiveness is beautiful and, worse still, he never misses an opportunity to shove that narrow view down our throats or shit all over those who choose to deviate from it. Is this really the man they want speaking for women's athletics? Was Mel Gibson unavailable?

WTA Makes Major Misstep in New Ad Campaign Featuring Donald Trump [Drop Shot Dispatch]


How is Trump anything but the butt of jokes by now? Who are these people who keep hiring him and associating with him? He doesn't seem like someone you could even have a conversation with.