Mischa Barton Launches Headband Line, Recession Hits The Catwalk

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Mischa Barton finally launched her long awaited line of hipster headbands. They will retail for a totally reasonable £60-£120. Who doesn't want to pay over $100 for a piece of Barton-branded string? [WWD, Beauty Confessional]

  • Bill Blass Couture closed Friday, laying off 60-plus employees without severance. [WWD]
  • At least someone is doing well: Stuart Weitzman opens three new stores in Mexico, Greece, and St. Barths. Rich people still need fabulous shoes, y'know. [WWD]
  • In an attempt to lure in more last-minute buyers, Macy's and H&M have announced that they will be staying open round-the-clock on the days leading up to Christmas. [WSJ]
  • British department store Selfridges is reportedly guilty of “unbelievable” safety errors following an asbestos scare. Gives new meaning to the phrase "shop 'til you drop."[Independent]
  • Charity organization Souls4Souls filed a federal lawsuit after finding moccasins intended for needy Africans for sale on ebay. [WWD]
  • Is American Apparel in trouble? Dov Charney’s hipster empire received a three-month extension on a debt due to mature next month. [WWD]
  • Retailers are edgy about the decreased shopper turnout over the last holiday shopping weekend. [ABC]
  • And maybe they should be, given the “whiteout” storms that hit the Midwest and Northeast. [WSJ]
  • Ailing stores continue to play the how-low-can-we-go game. [WSJ]
  • And in other, totally not surprising news, sales are up for off-price footwear brands like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and DSW. [WWD]
  • Fewer shoppers are buying on credit. [WWD]
  • Agent Provocateur launches new, fantastical-sounding ad campaign, titled “Pan and the Vestry of Virgins.” [WWD]
  • Another casualty of the recession: catwalk shows. Wonder what this means for the moddles! [Guardian]

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That is the oddest picture. It's like she's trying to scratch head lice, protect her bag from a pickpocket, and cover up her food baby all at once. ("I'm not pregnant! It's a fucking burrito!")