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Mischa Barton Collapses, Nicole Richie Hates Her Mom

Illustration for article titled Mischa Barton Collapses, Nicole Richie Hates Her Mom
  • Mischa Barton caught that bug that's going around in Hollywood right now. And no, we don't mean herpes. [People]
  • Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel are both presenting at the MTV Movie Awards, and their handlers are a little worried one of them might go semi-apeshit. [Page Six]
  • If posing as a crime scene victim on America's Next Top Model doesn't take your mind off of your abusive boyfriend, then having comedian Jamie Kennedy try out the line "you want a vodka roofie?" on you has to do the trick, right? [Gatecrasher]
  • Nicole Richie is attending the Britney Spears school of not visiting your mom at the hospital. [Page Six]
  • When Owen Wilson isn't around, Kate Hudson takes it easy and just dances on banquettes at one of those really unpretentious NYC bottle-service clubs that has also has an outpost in the Hamptons. [Page Six]
  • A new book about "other women" includes an essay by the woman whose husband dumped her to be with a dowry-free Tori Spelling. [Page Six]

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Tori Spelling is not famous enough for anyone to read what's-her-face's book. No one cares. Well, I'm sure chronic dumpees (Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow, Britany Murphy and other overrated annoying women who try way too hard) may give a crap, but most people can't relate. Also, people are seldom dumped for formerly-rich fugs which makes me think that what's-her-face is just one of those women you wouldn't wish on your worst enemies.

Team Biel.