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Miranda July Thinks 20-Something Women "Already Just Love Themselves"

Illustration for article titled Miranda July Thinks 20-Something Women Already Just Love Themselves

At author Sheila Heti's reading of new novel How Should A Person Be? in Los Angeles last night, performance artist, writer and filmmaker Miranda July delivered her verdict on Me And You And Everyone In Bushwick Girls, sort of:

"Girls is a great show. Sheila and I were talking about Lena Dunham's generation, whom we admire. These women are able to make art at a much younger age, without having to go through, like, a punky rebellion like us older feminists have. They already just love themselves. And that's great."


Um, here's my question: Has she actually seen Girls?

'Quote Unquote' [World Of Wonder]

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Claudia George

So I have an honest question for people who've watched girls... because I haven't. Whenever it gets talked about this site people call the girls in the show "selfish." Are they actually selfish? What, specifically, do they DO that is selfish? Do they stiff their roommates on rent? Do they buy puppies and then abandon them? Do they have unprotected sex while contagious with diseases?

I ask the question because I'm starting to get the feeling that people are using the terms "privileged" and "selfish" interchangeably BECAUSE these girls are girls. I mean, there are lots of movies about slacker guys who have college educations, are underemployed and spend all their time chilling. But no one thinks of those characters as "selfish."

(Edit to continue:) There are also lots of movies about 30 something guys - mind you, not even 20 something guys - who are obsessed with the idea of personal creative and romantic success. But no one says, "Oh... I HATE that character. All he talks about is how no one will publish his novel and the girl he loves doesn't think he's ambitious enough. He's so selfish."