Miracle Kitten 'Mr. Biscuits' Survives Being Trapped in Engine of Car

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It's a Halloween miracle, everyone. A kitten who sustained severe burns when he got trapped in the engine of a car is being nursed back to health.


Earlier this week, on a cold night in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia, a stray kitten climbed up into the engine of a parked car and went to sleep. According to ABC7, the next few hours of his life would leave him clinging to life, with burns on more than 25 percent of his body:

Once inside, he got stuck. The owner of the car drove to work the next morning, and as the engine heated up, the cat sustained severe burns and, the veterinarians who would later care for him said, at one point may have even caught on fire, according to his fundraising page.

Fortunately the driver noticed something off about his steering wheel. When he arrived at work, he popped the hood and found the little cat staring at him.

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He was originally dubbed "Engy" by rescue workers who came to help him. Mr. Biscuits was treated by local emergency animal clinic and then taken to the Metropolitan Veterinary Associates and Emergency Services, where they renamed Mr. Biscuits because he was kneading on his blanket like dough. Mr. Biscuits was later taken in by a rescue organization called The Grannie Project, where he continues to recuperate from his injuries.

The Grannie Project usually only takes in older cats but of course they made an exception this time for Mr. Biscuits (THAT FACE).

The Grannie Project is slowly nursing Mr. Biscuits back to health. He has a long road ahead of him before he is good as new, though Cox has high hopes.

"He is hanging in there," she said. "His spirits are high and he is winning the hearts of the nurses and doctors who are caring for him around the clock."


The fundraising page set up by The Grannie Project to help pay for his care has already surpassed their original $14,000 goal. (This is so much better than giving money to egg salad, you guys).

"Every dime goes directly to paying the vet bill for Mr. Biscuits care," Cox told NBC Philadelphia. "His initial assessment and stabilization was over $1,500 and his costs right now are running about $750/day."


Mr. Biscuits already has a committed foster home when he gets cleared, but he will be trying to find his forever home afterwards. If you really want to make friends with him, you should check out his Facebook page (fair warning; some of the pictures of his injuries are pretty graphic). He even offered some advice:

I'm just happy to be here, getting some quality lovins, and helping educate people about cats like me who seek out warmth on car engines. All it takes is a simple tap on the hood or beep of your horn before you start your car in the cold. You could save a life!


Images via Mr. Biscuits Facebook.



okay I hate cats but I'm so hoping this one makes a full recovery because wow what he went through is awful. But on a serious note the people donating who have managed to donate 14k need to realize there are children starving in America everyday that could also use some money so yeah maybe don't forget about them just because they aren't a cute cat.