Minnie Needs Less Gigs Than Mickey • Morning Sickness Gender Myth May Be True

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Disney's USB flash memory drives may be showing some gender discrimination: Pink drives with Minnie Mouse on them only hold 1 GB, while blue Mickey mouse drives hold 2 GB. Hm.• Breaking down some people's preconcieved notions of Middle America: Moms in the Midwest are more likely to go back to work after giving birth than Coastal moms. • Three anti-aging treatments are proven clinically effective by The Archives of Dermatology: topical retinol, carbon dioxide laser resurfacing, and injection of hyaluronic acid. •• This just in from assuming crazy things from statistical studies: polygamy makes men live longer! Spoiling grandchildren helps older women live longer! • Anti-abortion activists in India target Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft for allowing ads to appear on their websites that advertise letting couples learn the gender of their fetus (which could lead to abortions of unwanted female fetuses). • Is the old wives' tale that morning sickness indicates a mother is pregnant with a female baby true? Probably, but only if the morning sickness is severe. • The funeral for Sandy Allen, the tallest woman (coming in at 7 feet, 7 inches) drew 200 people and she was remembered for her kind generosity. • A US researcher claims that Australian women are too timid at work, and struggle with appearing too pushy at work. • Horror story! A hospital in Japan mistakenly removed a woman's left breast after they confused her ID number with that of a cancer patient. • Bev Street has entered the record books by catching the largest freshwater fish ever caught by a woman in Britain. It was a 69 lb. catfish.

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Midwestern bitches are practical. Also: less likely to be supported by glamorous multi-millionaire spouses who live in glamorous, expensive cities.