Fresh off a victory in Florida's GOP primary, Presidential Candidate Mittens Mittlesworth Romney has set his sights on the juicy middle parts of the country. But what he didn't count on was the surprising glitterwarlike nature of Minnesotans, who subjected the candidate to two glitterbombs at a single campaign event today.

He was first bombed before taking the stage, as you can tell from his abnormally pizazzy hair in the video and his dad-about-to-turn-this-car-RIGHT-AROUND vibe as he takes the stage. But then, those nutty northern Norsemen launched another sparkly surprise on the candidate as he left stage.


Tim Pawlenty wasn't subjected to similar treatment. Probably because the normal human reaction to Tim Pawlenty is to fall asleep.

Mitt Romney Spent All Day Being Glitterbombed [NYMag]

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