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A West Coast reader got access to Teen Vogue intern and possible new Hills cast member/ Whitney replacer Jenna Goldsmith's restricted facebook profile and gives us the lowdown. Jenna's favorite quote? "Legs are the new cleavage." Our California mole continues, "She's a Business Administration Major (snooze) and she sits in the corner laughing it up with all the frat boys during class." Intriguing! Ms. Goldsmith also says she's employed by Vogue and that she's a "freelancer." Sounds like someone's embarrassed to be an intern!! What, is she too good to share Lauren's intern closet? Fashionista's got her ear to the ground about Whitney-gate, and she's been hearing that Whitney is interviewing for a gig at W, where she would be working alongside ex Hills evildoer-intern Emily Weiss. Know anything about any of these girls? Hit us up at



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@DaisyBuchanan: Come on now. Don't be so touchy! I know quite a few peeps who went to school there. Some of my closest friends are Trojans...oh wait. But no seriously, my prom date went there and we're still cool as I am with some others who just happen to be Trojans. My high school was diverse like that. Unfortunately, the truth is you guys do have A LOT students who make the good ones look bad. Even my SC friends can attest to this. But my school is not immune to bad apples either. Yes, some of my peers are "public school snobs" but it's university for goodness sake's. What kind of school would it be if we didn't have diversity? A turds are bound to come up but I still like you. Your response was classy and you made a great point. So I can respect that.

@LessThanZero: I hate to say this but the "public school" snobs comment is not the first time I have heard an SC grad make as a criticism towards our school. The whole public vs. private school hate is worse than a plain old (and really shallow) school rivalry. Even I can admit that.

@lkhorgan: Coolness. That's more like it!