A West Coast reader got access to Teen Vogue intern and possible new Hills cast member/ Whitney replacer Jenna Goldsmith's restricted facebook profile and gives us the lowdown. Jenna's favorite quote? "Legs are the new cleavage." Our California mole continues, "She's a Business Administration Major (snooze) and she sits in the corner laughing it up with all the frat boys during class." Intriguing! Ms. Goldsmith also says she's employed by Vogue and that she's a "freelancer." Sounds like someone's embarrassed to be an intern!! What, is she too good to share Lauren's intern closet? Fashionista's got her ear to the ground about Whitney-gate, and she's been hearing that Whitney is interviewing for a gig at W, where she would be working alongside ex Hills evildoer-intern Emily Weiss. Know anything about any of these girls? Hit us up at tips@jezebel.com.