Miner Sells Super Rare Tanzanite Gemstone for $2 Million

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Image: AP

Howard Ratners of the world, take note: A Tanzanian miner has sold an ultra-rara gem called Tanzanite for $2 million.


Tanzanite is so rare that one local geologist told the BBC that its supply might be totally depleted within 20 years. And it seems like Saniniu Laizer, a local miner, is probably going to find most of it: Back in June, Laizer sold two hunks of Tanzanite weighing around 20 pounds and 13 pounds, thus becoming a millionaire. The rock he sold for $2 million this week weighed around 14 pounds.

Laizer, a father of 30, told the network he planned to have a party to celebrate his initial June sales of the gems. Now that he’s done that, he said he’ll use his newfound wealth to build a school and health facility in his community:

He told the BBC two months ago that the windfall would not change his lifestyle, and that he planned to continue looking after his 2,000 cows, adding that he did not need to take any extra precautions despite his new-found riches.

Illegal mining is a major problem in Tanzania, and in 2017, President John Magufuli had a 14 mile wall built around a mining site that at the time was believed to be the world’s only Tanzanite source. Keep an eye out for its distinctive blue shine in your favorite Diamond District jewelry store in the days and weeks to come.


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Tanzanite is one of the biggest scams in the jewelry world. I sold the stone exclusively in a store and that was the story we were given about it too, but at the time, we were told there was only about three to five years supply left.

This was in 1999.

They just somehow keep on “finding new sources”. Nothing works better in the gem industry than creating a non existent mystique about a semi precious stone.