Mindy Kaling Likes to Stand Under Rihanna’s Um-burrella for Inspiration

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Mindy Kaling, like any other writer of things, sometimes requires a source — a fount, if you will — of inspiration. The great cistern of fresh sitcom jokes that Kaling visits when she needs to fill her writer's bucket (every writer has a bucket) is none other than her encyclopedic Rihanna playlist, which she and her comrades in the writers room of The Mindy Project tap whenever they're feeling bereft of stirring melodies. Kaling told the Ministry of Gossip that, if she needs to drum up some writerly energy, Rihanna is a reliable riler-upper of creative energy:

Rihanna is a big favorite whatever the reason the guys on my staff can get behind it. They think she's just super hot and intimidating. I can listen ... and feel inspired by it because everyone is into it.

Kaling added that a particular favorite track is "Run This Town," which inevitably gives her the opportunity to remind her writing team that television is a fickle industry and that, if they don't write some really funny stuff, some mouthbreather from CBS is going to churn out some tongue-in-cheek cop drama about art thieves-turned-cops-turned-botanists-turned-dressage-champions that will surely take up space on the Nielsen ratings shelves.

Mindy Kaling's writers room inspiration? Rihanna [LA Times]

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