Mindy Kaling is French and Pretentious in B.J. Novak's Book Trailer

I always thought that book trailers are something invented by erotica authors in order to juxtapose moving waterfalls with shirtless hotties, but apparently I was wrong. Case in point: the new trailer for B.J. Novak's collection of short stories, One More Thing, which is really just delightful. (Not that shirtless erotica protagonists frolicking in waterfalls are not, but this is a different breed of delight.)

The trailer takes the form of a little skit, starring Mindy Kaling as a very pretentious Frenchwoman and Sartre enthusiast. B.J. Novak plays a hapless aspiring author determined to win her heart. Everyone smokes a lot of cigarettes and/or wears a hat. It is possibly the most charming thing in existence.

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I will never not want those two to get married. GET MARRIED, MINDY + BJ.