Mind The Gap

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The American Family Association is not amused at The Gap for adding greetings like "Happy Whateveryouwannukah" and "Mo' Mistletoe" to its holiday ad campaign, which they claim "censors" Christmas. [Brandweek]



Fuck off AFA. If you really gave two shits about protecting Christmas you'd be attacking how secular and capitalistic it has become. It's a holiday for shopping and pawning merchandise off on people. Do you know how many non-practicing Christians celebrate Christmas? The point of Christmas is the celebrate the birth of Christ and yet so little people actually do that (and yeah, I'll include my I-never-go-church-ass in that).

As an add-on, the Constitution gives us freedom of religion as American citizens. Which means we have the freedom to practice or not practice whichever religion we want. You don't want to abide by that, then drop the "American" from your name. #thegap