Milwaukee Sheriff Calls Black Lives Matter Activists 'Garbage' and 'Sub-Human Creeps'

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a black man with a history of spewing radically ignorant conservative views, has set a target on Black Lives Matter, referring to the movement and its activists as “garbage,” “black slime” and “subhuman creeps” in the past week.


On Monday, Clarke, who has somehow been elected in his county four times, appeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends in a segment about police brutality. The sheriff remained terse and straight-faced while sharing his incendiary pro-police views against Black Lives Matter, referencing a protest in New York on Saturday.

“I don’t know why the police even bother policing those demonstrations. They’re not protests,” said Clarke, calling the BLM movement “ignorance in its purest form.”

Displaying some impressive ignorance of his own, Clarke went on to refer to the protestors as “subhuman creeps” and singled out those who choose to confront cops during marches. His suggestion:

“Let them fend for themselves. Let the good law-abiding people of New York clash with them for disrupting their lives, disrupting their businesses. Then the police can show up and arrest these subhuman creeps for creating a disturbance.”

Clarke seems to think BLM protestors are being offensive by simply invoking their right to assemble and by challenging authority figures who seem to have freedom to murder black people in the streets whenever they want. But, of course, Clarke would disagree with that last point:

“First of all, there is no police brutality in America. We ended that back in the ’60s. So I don’t know where they’re coming from. You look at the data and the research, and there’s a new Harvard study out that shows that there is no racism in the hearts of police officers. They go about their daily duty, if you will, to keep communities safe.”


Note that this Harvard study he cites has been tough to locate. Bonus points to Clarke for bringing up the dead horse black-on-black crime argument and stating that “Black people use an inordinate amount of force against themselves and each other in the American ghetto.”

Watch below.

Clarke also finds time to shame President Obama for “playing the race game” and “playing race politics” and says, “I cannot wait until January 2017 so that America’s nightmare can be over.”


These comments (all from Clarke’s Monday appearance on Fox News) are boiling up again after activist Shaun King and rapper Talib Kweli tweeted Clarke’s interview clips, which include this one where the Sheriff refers to BLM protestors as “black slime” that “needs to be eradicated.”


In response, Clarke is still going nonstop, presumably in hopes of taking down BLM; he’s even comparing it to ISIS.

The sheriff told The Daily Caller that the responses to his comments (including people like Shaun King calling him “Uncle Tom”) are “designed to get me off message” and that they’re coming from “cop-hating anarchists.”


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You look at the data and the research, and there’s a new Harvard study out that shows that there is no racism in the hearts of police officers

Unless they’ve gone in through the chest with rib spreaders, I’m not buying it.